Prince vs. Wilson quality control?


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As it stands today, which company has better QC? I’m thinking of either picking up a Textreme Tour 95 or Pro Staff 97.


I would go with the Prince for quality control. In fact I think it would be a sensation if Prince decided to make racquets in say the USA.


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Both can be very bad..both can be very good.. I have experienced both with both..
Basically it's a coin toss..


Isn't the service an extra 10 dollars (assuming new)? If that's something to consider, use it lol.

From my experience and what I've heard from others, Prince may come in a bit light. Wilson can potentially come in as a different racket, and the paint is so horrible you'll have new chips from just sharing a racket bag or removing finishing tape.

If that's your only deciding factor, go with Prince.


As it stands today, which company has better QC? I’m thinking of either picking up a Textreme Tour 95 or Pro Staff 97.
Prince, easily. While not as good as Yonex QC, where racquets consistently come at +/- 2g from specs, it's still a darn sight better than Wilson QC, coming anywhere at +/- 10g, sometimes more. But then again, Wilson has got to be the worse of any major brands. I bought 2 PS 97 3 years ago, before I had done any research in racquets, coming back from a long playing hiatus. They were 10g and almost 1cm balance different from each other. Considering that their price is on the higher end of the market, I will never, ever buy any Wilson again until they substantially improve their QC. I am not holding my breath that they will...

I purchased quite a few Prince Phantom's from TW EU (US won't ship to the country I live), and asked for a matching service 3 times. Most of the frames they weighted for me were within -3g / +1g, with just one outlier at +5g. To echo what Yamin was writing above, they tend to generally come a bit lighter than specs. Balance was always within 1mm.

In any event, if you care about specs, I would highly recommend getting the matching service. 10 dollars is not much to avoid the aggravation of having dissimilar racquets.
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Prince based on my limited sample below.
Set of three O3 Phantom 100 picked up one by one are within 2 grams.
My set of four O3 Beast 104 are within 3 grams of each other.
In both frames they are a little light.
Wilson Burn 100 Teams 5 frames with a range of six grams either way for a team member.

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A person I am stringing for just got two Clash 100 Pro frames, brand new from Wilson. They are within one gram of each other and have the exact same balance point.