Prince Warrior 100 models


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Today I had an opportunity to hit couple of minutes with this racket: https://www.tenniswarehouse-europe....et_Pre_Strung/descpageRCPRINCEH-PRWAR-EN.html
I was completely in owe, the feel was amazing for me. I wanted to find any reviews or at least more info about it, but I can't find any information about this iteration of Prince Warrior. I thought it might be some difference in paintjob in US and Europe, and I found review of Prince Warrior 100 here but it's definitelly not the same racket - obviously the one I tested has no O-ports. Also it's not Prince Textreme Warrior.

Anyone knows something about this racket? Where can I find info about it? It felt so good, but I played only a couple of minutes with it and I don't want to buy it based on couple of hits. And there's no option for demo it where I live.


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It looks like this is the same racket, just different paintjob, thanks!

Those few customer's reviews seem to overlap with what I felt playing this racket. I found another thread where some people said that it new Prince Warriors are begginer-level rackets made from cheaper materials. Also that Prince made step back with Warrior line. I think they based their opinions on low price of this stick. In my opinion is this stick's quality is on par with "normal" price rackets and it might be a hidden gem!


I bought the 285 model for my wife to use and it played well above my expectations. I use it every now and then for practice. If needed, I would have no issues playing a mach with it.
There are 3 identical Warrior 300 gram versions offered in Europe: the TW brown/blue 114€!!!, the blue-black/green 78€!!! and the Prince Beast Power 300 98€!!!.
All have the same specs and I bet Prince Quality Control would bring them to your door on spec!!! One could grab two of those for less than 200€ with shipping included.
I'll let on of my friend know about it. He's looking for a couple new rackets. He's been playing forever with 2 Head Insticts Graphenes.