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I dunno if I put this image here before. I hear a lot of talk about the Woodie being 110 sq in. You can tell holding it in your hand it is not a 110. It's much closer to 99.
Here it is next to my Textreme Tour 100:


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Anybody who loves the Prince Woodie should also love and want this ...

Snauwaert graphite composition LaGrande wood tennis racket NOS New Old Stock never strung
Superb playing wood transitional tennis racket.
This maybe the best midsize woody like tennis racket produced.
IMO better than the cult classic Prince Woodie and more scarce especially in NOS condition.

Snauwaert was one of the best wood and classic graphite Tennis Racket Manufacture and from Belgium

This classic construction built using open shaft of all white ash with fibre reinforced head. Racket uses "sandwich" of fiberglass epoxy for extra power. Graphite laminate inlaid in head for even extra stiffness and power.


Here's my 2023 update on my Prince Woodie 100's.
  • My 1st $5 Goodwill Woodie purchased Aug 2021 cracked after 4 months just above the yoke on both sides, at inner string holes, strung 55# with Gamma Live Wire XP 17.
  • My 2nd $7 Goodwill Woodie since Sept 2021 strung 60# XP 17 with a major boost in power and control. Its now at 66# with Gamma React Pro 17 for stiffer string bed, and plays quite good.
  • My 3rd $20 **** Woodie (xlent condition) since March 2022 strung at 63# and now 68# with React Pro 17 for best play so far.
Here's excerpts from my FB groupie post today ...

This morning I played the Woodie #3, strung with TNT2 React Pro 17 at 68# in January, now measuring 65# via Racquet Tune iOS app. I restrung with this string, and at very higher tension, for a stiffer string bed, to compensate for its extremely flexible RA 35. I'd tried 66#, 63#, 60# over prior 18 months -- initially with Live Wire XP 17, which was a little too soft. Each time the vintage racquet played better at higher tension, and with stiffer string [Prince recommended 60-70 lbs tension]

So this morning I played with the $20 Woodie (RA35, 3.25 oz). From the start, serves went in hard with excellent control, spin and deep (I can't serve hard & short, I'm too short!), with good spin and easier to stay inside the service line. Typical 55-60 mph average speed (by prior Woodie videos). It played well, so I kept playing doubles with the racquet for 90 minute.

For the next 90 minutes, I played my "new" used 2001 Head i.Prestige MP Xtra Long (RA62, 12.25 oz), with slightly less swing weight than Woodie, strung Live Wire XP 17 strung at 56# in January, now to 53# after two months. Its a beauty, and hits with a plush, yet solid feel.

For awhile, I had trouble keeping serves inside the box, given the i.Prestige MP is more powerful, until fixing my serve elements to assure increased spin and control I took for granted with the Woodie. Typical serves 55-65 mph average speed. No surprise, the i.Prestige does offer more pop and precision, given its a "control" racquet, and that precision is sometimes "long", whereas, the flexy Woodie with stiffer string bed played just as well, and more consistent on serves! Go figure.

I will commonly begin warmup play with the Woodie for comfort, then switch to the i.Prestige MP or other graphite racquets for harder play. If your Woodie appears in excellent condition, do not fear exceeding 50# tension, and string up with a stiffer multi-filament like the TNT2 React Pro 17, or perhaps the Head Velocity MLT 17. And have fun for the memories!