Pro Doubles chat with Asia Muhammad & Alexa Guarachi!

TW Staff

Their journeys have been different and their goals may differ slightly, but one thing is for sure, Asia Muhammad and Alexa Guarachi are navigating the WTA Tour together sometimes as partners, sometimes as opponents but always as good friends!

They cover all sorts of topics including:
  • How do you go about picking a partner? Why do you switch?
  • How important is chemistry on the court vs. off the court?
  • If you could partner with any retired player at a slam who would it be and why? One male for mixed doubles and then a female for ladies doubles! Good luck at the US Open, wishing all the best!
  • Biggest differences in SUCCEEDING in singles vs doubles & why is it so hard to crack the top 100 in singles?
  • Keys to a good returnFavorite thing about playing dubs?
  • Most challenging part of dubs and the dubs tour
  • Who do you travel with? Who's your team?

Happy Hitting!
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Michelle, that was so good. I wish you threw in my question about Taylor Townsend, especially when Asia said it was her highlight winning Adelaide w her. Why'd they stop playing together?

And also, I think you meant sending the Wave Enforce tour, not exceed, for cushioning. I have both and the GP turbos and the exceeds are very low to the ground (and light); whereas, the GP turbos are the best in terms of cushioning.