Pro head sizes


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Racquet head sizes I mean.

Here are the stats for the top 20 players at the last slam, the 2006 AO (couple of men eventually did not play):


90 2
95 5
98 4
100 8
107 1


90 0
95 4
98 7
100 7
103 1
110 1

And the winner is:


The runner up is:


Hope this sheds some light on the mid/mid+ debates that continually range on these boards.


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I just posted the facts. There could be many factors to explain it like: 98 or 100 heads are really needed in the modern game, popularity of one brand (Babolat) skews the results, these are the models the manufacturers are pushing, the pros grew up using these as juniors, it is just a one time data point, the stats are wrong because of paintjobs, etc.

Re: pros vs ordinary mortals, one would expect pro racquets to be the most demanding and hence imply less demanding/more forgiving versions being suitable for lesser folks.

That applies to weight and swing weight too.


a lto of ppl are missing though. i think people are forgetting all the prestiges too (what is it 93?). i know for a fact a buncah pros use the prestige.