Pro Kennex 5G SMI


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Grip size 4 1/4 with no replacement grip, just a bunch of overgrips strung with synthetic gut strings. Condition is 7/10 with two paint chips on the racquet.

Email me for pics, asking $60 shipped.


What does it mean? I'm interested but what is your email?
SMI stands for Secondary Mass Index, which reflects the little micro-beads inside the racquet. It should also be noted that there were two versions of PK5G. The so called SMI version is the older/original version. That said, the later version also has those micro-beads inside, but doesn't have the wording of SMI on the paint job. The later version is still in production and available at TW. But a couple more editions named Ki-5 were release since then. Each has different variances of different weight and paint jobs.

SMI is the oldest one.


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Still available. Will trade for Prince Exo3 Tour 16x18, Babolat Aerostorm GT, or Wilson BLX 6.1 95 and will add cash to make up difference.