Pro Kennex 5g Vs. Prince Speedport Black

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by MonkeyAlan, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. MonkeyAlan

    MonkeyAlan Guest

    My usual racquet is a Pro Kennex 5g. It's usually strung at 56 lbs or so, but I'm overdue, so I'm probably nowhere near that tension.

    Last week, I demoed a Prince Speedport Black (with grommet inserts). Since the specs are pretty close, I figured the racquets would feel pretty similar. I was surprised, though. I was able to generate way more spin, and the Prince felt a lot more crisp (hope that makes sense). I also noticed that my groundstrokes were more penetrating.

    Can anybody tell me why these things would be? Does it have to do with string pattern? Frame stiffness? String tension? (Probably all three, huh?) How do the different racquet properties affect its performance?

    To help you in your commenting:

    Pro Kennex 5g

    Speedport Black

  2. claycourter01

    claycourter01 New User

    Oct 3, 2004
    I cannot compare these two directly since I have not hit with the Prince. But I played with the 5G extensively and can understand your response. It is a great racquet but is an older technology at this point. You are right that probably several factors are involved, the increased stiffness of the Prince and other design features that probably give it a larger sweet spot. The 5G has a fairly small sweet spot and requires a long swing to get good depth on the ball. I eventually preferred a more powerful frame (PK 15G PSE), but I would be interested in your comparison of the Prince and the 5G.
  3. babolat_rocks

    babolat_rocks New User

    Mar 30, 2007
    I played with the original ProKennex Kinetic 5G pro midplus a few years ago. Great racquet, and easily customized to just about any setup you desire, given its mid-range static weight and headlight balance. However, in stock form, the O3 black will be more powerful (higher swingweight) & more crisp (stiff) compared to the O3 black. I only demo'd the O3 black for about 20 minutes, but really liked the feel. I am strongly considering buying an O3. My own racquet odyssey has wandered quite alot in the past few years, but I am narrowing in on 95-100 head size, 67-70 stiffness, and weight 11.5oz+. Prince O3 Black, my original PK Kinetic 5G (67 stiffness), Wilson K95, and Wilson Npro Open are on my short list.
  4. MonkeyAlan

    MonkeyAlan Guest

    A little more on my impressions (since you asked)...

    The spin I was able to generate was pretty impressive. It was the only time I ever hit with someone where they were having real trouble with the top I was putting on the ball.

    Nothing about hitting volleys stood out.

    My service toss has been a little wild lately, so it's kinda hard to objectively say how the racquet felt with my serve.

    If I demo again/buy the racquet, I'll let you know.
  5. kenyee

    kenyee Rookie

    May 1, 2004
    Boston, PRofMA
    The PK5G has extremely *low* topspin. I notice a huge difference when swapping w/ my Redondo MP, but the Redondo is stiffer w/ higher swingweight and bothers my shoulder...
  6. PBODY99

    PBODY99 Hall of Fame

    Aug 17, 2005
    Every speed port \ o-port I've hit with generates more racket head speed than a similar frame.
  7. ps60

    ps60 Professional

    Feb 27, 2007
    i would not expect these 2 rackets are similar

    the Prince should be much stiff (by feel not by RDC) and is much less HL. 5G has a dull feel (which maybe better for elbow and joints) and too HL in stock form. I customised it to just 350g+ and hence it had enough power and stability to do everything right... That's before it broke on me.

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