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1990's Graphite

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Another 93sq in mid release, looks like others are following prince and head...
330gr unstrung !


1990's Graphite

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I've watched a lot of the fukkys videos.. but man they were hammering serves with this! I wasn't even aware there was a version 1, this is ver2
Seems like the first version was maybe a Japan only release? Wonder if that means this one will be too. Even it it comes to the US, I doubt it'll be any time soon. TW told me recently they aren't expecting the 2020 Black Ace series until July/August at the earliest now so I bet any other new lines are similarly delayed if not more.


A quick search reveals that this is the third incarnation. Version 0.7 is red ( Redondo Mid ? ). Version 1.0 is black ( Black Ace 93 ? ). And this is no. 3. Any idea how the previous two played?


Wow! ... This is interesting! The specs seem close to the Redondo, a tad stiffer, but no swingweight info. May have to ask my cousin in Japan to get this.


From the paint job, PK combined the colors of the Heritage Type C (silver), the Redondo (red), and the BlackAce (black).

Does this stick "combine" the merits of the three sticks? That would be interesting.

Heritage type C hits a ton, quite muted, but heavy and not as fast as the Redondo.
Redondo weighted and balanced just right, soft, fast, but a tad too noodly and not enough power for many.
BlackAce 93 was crisper, fast, but too light and hollow-ish, and nothing much to write home about. (I had to mod it so much.)

We'll have to see ...
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Just got a shipment of three of these babies. Was told they only made one batch of a limited number in Japan in 2020. Was a lot of hassle to track them down and get them shipped to the US. Excited.