Pro Kennex creaky handles (quality control)?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Colpo, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Colpo

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    Feb 18, 2004
    FYI, I recently obtained on the cheap two ex-demo PK Heritage Type C 98 racquets, with very light usage on both (8.5/10). They were not marked "demo"; the shop had simply pulled two frames from their sale stock and made them the shop's demos of this model. This was, I think, the predecessor to the Redondo, and featured a silver and black cosmetic, 80/20 graphite/kevlar layup, and brown leather grip. The leather grips were still in place, and clearly hadn't been taken off and reapplied (the demos both had overgrips over the leather). Minimal wear to the sides of the head, etc.

    I was very disappointed to immediately note the sound and feeling of creaking from both handles. With the leather grip on, the frame looks like a one piece with a fused handle below the leather. I removed the leather on both and discovered that pallets are in fact used to create the grip size. The creaking and instability was coming from the use of an apparently cheap glue/fixative that had already broken down even though these racquets couldn't have been more than 3-4 years old at most. I could actually pull back on the pallets revealing the handle underneath; the glue that was supposed to keep them bound to the handle was that far gone.

    LSS, I returned them (I'd paid $25 each) and got my money back. While I'm sure this could've been fixed, I didn't feel like buying a science project. Anyway, why are these handles creaking after so short a period? Judging from the obvious light use these frames had seen, poor quality control is the only logical explanation.
  2. netman

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Pro Kennex went through some rough times approx.3-4 years ago. The family that owned the conglomerate that controlled PK had severe financial problems. Vendors like TW had trouble getting product and there were complaints of inconsistent quality control. About 2 years ago there was a fresh infusion of capital into PK and they seem to have made a come back with new products and no supply issues. So you may have just gotten a couple of frames that slipped through QC during the dark times.

  3. Steve Huff

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    Feb 11, 2004
    I've never had the Type C, but I'm surprised they used pallets. My 5g's, ki 10PSE's, 15gPSE's have all had graphite handles (part of the frame). I've been a loyal PK user for many years, but I have to admit, I've had a few with problems inside the handle. It seems that thin piece that divides the handle in half cracks, and causes the racket to vibrate. I just repaired both ki 10 PSE's, and have the butt cap off one of my 5g's awaiting some time to repair that one. My 5g's are old (pre 2001 models), but my ki 10's are fairly new. I called them, but I couldn't find the receipts, so they said they wouldn't replace them. PK has also started charging a fee to send them back--even when they are under warranty, which is something Wilson, Head nor Prince charges for (at least they haven't when I have sent rackets back for people). I think this is a poor policy which ProKennex should consider changing. Anyway, I have found the best fix for this is to get some high density cotton (out of a drug bottle) and stuff it tightly into the handle, beyond the end of the thin divider. Then, pour some rubber cement in so that it covers the end of the divider. If weight is a concern, these PK's have a cylinder-shaped weight in the handle. Just don't put it back in when you replace the butt cap. This gives the racket a nice, solid feel.

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