Pro Kennex Ionic KI5 PSE


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Does anyone here experiences with this one?
How does it compare to the PK Redondo MP and PK Black Ace 98 (modded to similar specs as the KI5 PSE)?


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Is that the super heavy one? For its weight, it just did everything mediocre. Nothing really stood out, except for its weight.


I used the 15pse for some time, much more power than the others you cite, great stability, huge sweet spot. Switched to Angell 105 for more consistent response off the strings


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It's been too long to really comment, I had a 5g PSE about 20 years ago and I just stopped using the Redondo 98, I have the 93 Redondo but don't use it. I just moved to The Q-Tour 325, for no real reason other than for a change.

The PSE does not play anything like the Redondo 93 or 98.

The 5g PSE hits a much heavier ball. It is more mute due to the Kinetic System. It does not hurt your arm at all, barely feel the ball. It has a bigger sweet spot. It generates more spin for the same head velocity. It is has less control. It has a higher rebound angle. It has less consistency across the face as it has a lot of power in the sweet spot. BUT I had it in when poly did not exist and played with nylon at 60-65lb to tame it. I think this racquet is made for poly and have been tempted to get one to try. I doubt poly strung tight would hurt the arm.

The Redondo 98 players better nearly everywhere than the 93 except 1st serve and soft volleys. The R98 is very dead. I'm big and I swing the thing as hard as I can and the ball does not go long unless I miss time or open the face up. I get more spin than I expect because the head velocity is very high. It feels very solid, much more so than say a Head Speed Pro or PS90 which I have. It is a great volleying racquet because it plays dead, which means you can use angles more. It has a very even dead feel across the face, no hot spots mainly because it's so low powered to begin with. Serve is under powered, I can get a lot of movement on the ball by brushing up or across but I basically hit my 2nd serve flat out with top spin or placement of 1st serve. The PSE is much more powerful serving racquet, you will get good movement on the ball without the physical work, but will never get the topspin of the Redondo as the ball will fly. I love the Redondo on 2nd serves as I can hit flat out, I love the PSE on first serves because it hits a bigger heavier ball. They are polar opposites due to power extremes.

The redondo is like the ultimate touch feel mid plus racquet. It is heavy but very head light and you can really smack the ball hard and it will absorb a lot of the power. The down side is you have to really smack the ball when around the service line. The racquet is best for all court game as it real does volley well for a MP. I would not recommend the R98 unless your physically strong as you need to get the head velocity up high to get good spin.

The down sides of the R98, although it's very soft at RA57 but my body has really been chewed up because I power nearly every ball. My shoulder hurts a lot as well because of the 2nd serve reverse top spin, a lefties kick serve. I am using a lot of joint acceleration and rotation especially in the shoulder to get the movement and pace. It's a bit like crack, it's a great shot and gets great results but it's causing damage in the tendons and joints. Also when you play really good players, they don't care about movement without pace, kick and movement alone are not good enough. You wont do this with the PSE, you will hit more pace and get good slice and top spin but not to the level of the R98. It all comes back to the dead head.

One issue I had with the PSE was against pushers, the short low shot could be over hit, it takes courage to accelerate through the ball to get the top spin needed with a canon. I think poly would solve this issue as it's much deader and can generate more spin. It could change hesitation into a weapon.

At the end of the day, they are really different racquets. One is very dead and the other is very lively. One you have to hit hard and get a lot of head velocity to hit deep and get spin, the other is more about taming the power that's there. Both racquets require you to be strong, one because it's heavy and the other because it's dead. If you play behind the baseline the PSE is better, I loved it behind the baseline to generate pace and spin if you play inside the court R98 is better as it's under powered and will allow more angle and touch. This is based on power. Both will require fluid strokes, they don't change direct very fast. The R98 may require more point development, as it does not hit people off the court. The R98 is pure 90's racquet feel, the PSE has more modern feel, mute.

I changed to the Q-Tour recently (2 weeks ago) as I broke the graphite in the handle of the R98. I do this to racquets, it's not the first, not a manufacturing fault or weakness. The Q-Tour is somewhere in the middle of the two, probably more towards the PSE. I changed because the low power was damaging my shoulder. I miss some of the things the R98 can do like the large clearance on second servers and the control. But the benefit are bigger servers, bigger ground shots and more power on high volleys. I'm struggling a bit on 2nd serve, it has a klot more pace and less spin. It comes off much better but the margin for error is greater.

If you want a RF97 type of racquet, but little lighter and a lot softer on the arm PSE is way to go. If you want a Head Prestige feel but bit more solid, R98 is the go. Both are good but different.