Pro Kennex Ki 5 320 (older non 2018 model)


Anyone here use or have used this frame in the past? I picked up a used one for really cheap to try out and I surprisingly like it. Does everything pretty well and was surprisingly very comfy for the 68 stiffness rating. Anyone here can make any string recommendations for this racquet?


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if you are a flat hitter, stick with sync gut or a multi.
if you swing with good low to high topspin, n gut & a nice med soft round copoly...

basil J

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i used this frame extensively after shoulder surgery in 09 and it became my main stick for quite a while til my shoulder got back to good enough shape to go back to my Yonex at that time. I used to use full gut on it and a gut poly hybrid and really enjoyed the racquet. The Ki5 lay up is supposedly the design sold to babolat by prokennex back in the day when babolat first started selling frames. Put a Ki5 and an older babolat frame side by side and the size, string spacing and racquet shape are identical minus the PK technologies inside the frame.


It's the same racquet I use. I replaced my old Ki5x with it. The Ki5 320 is stiffer than the older model, but it's still very arm friendly. I don't care if it feels stiff as long as it doesn't hurt my arm. I use a hybrid with Ashaway Mongut ZX 16g mains and a 16g synthetic gut cross at (54/50). Right now my favorite cross is Babolat Origin, but you can use a cheaper string if you like. Only caveat is the Monogut ZX should either be prestretched or stretched fully on each pull. If you take your racquet to a typical stringer who wants to get it done in 15 minutes (most jobs in the least amount of time) that's not going to happen. So if that's not a possibility, you can go with a good multifilament string like Prince Premier Control or Dunlop DNA at say 54 pounds. I'm assuming you want an arm friendly string. If you prefer poly, go ahead and do it, but make sure you cut it before it dies. Even this racquet won't protect you from dead poly.


I am currently play with that model. I have played all 3 previous variation of the ProKennex Ki 5 also(2 older 315, the previous 320). Always string with a soft co-poly. Current strung with Solinco Hyper-G 18 various from 50 to 52lbs, also hybrid Solinco Revolution/HyperG 17 at 52lb/53 lbs. They play soft. Also did try Ashaway CrossFire ZX 17 around 52 lbs. That was nice too.