Pro Kennex Ki Q+5 Pro

I've demoed the racquet and used to play with the Pro Kennex Ki 5 (320) and used to play with Ki Q+ 5x (extended length version), so I'm familiar with their frames.

It's a good frame, much softer feeling than the RA might make you believe (so don't be scared off by that if you are concerned about the stiffness level). I would characterize it as a low powered, control frame.I always felt like the Q+ 5 Pro benefited from a little bit of lead tape (maybe 2 grams total) at 10 and 2 or 9 and 3 positions to give it a little more plow through. The upper part of the frame just felt a little too weak. If you want more power and don't mind extended lengths, I'd highly recommend looking at the extended length version as it definitely adds noticeable power from the increased swingweight. The extended length was still maneuverable, though, unless you're predominately a doubles player and then you may not want to go that route. The Ki 5 (320) is also similar to the Ki Q+ 5 version but a bit more power and more stable feeling (although I would not necessarily characterize the Q+ 5 Pro as unstable feeling).

If your an arm sufferer, the Kinetic technology works.
A little late to respond, what is it that you wanted to know about the racquet (if you haven't already demoed it)?

I've had the previous version (2017 model I think) Ki Q+5 Pro (310g) for a while now. My most frequently used racquets in the past years have been Pure Drives and then Head Speed MPs. I was having some elbow issues so I took a gamble on the Pro Kennex due to its reputation. I must say that I'm very pleased. It feels more solid and powerful than the Head Speed MP, while still being easily maneuverable. It feels like a good hybrid between a Pure Drive for power (a little less, and lower launch angle, better control) and the Head Speed MP (with more power, probably a little better control, more stable with better plowthrough). I've gone down the customization rabbit hole which has sometimes been more trouble than it's worth, but I've landed on a spec that I really enjoy: with a heavy overgrip (Head Xtreme soft, around 9 grams) and 1.5 grams of tungsten tape at 3, 9 and 12 each, it's turned into a stable, comfortable cannon. The overall specs are probably around 12 ounces strung, 7 points HL and a 330 SW, and I think this might be my goldilocks spec. So far, this combination is hard to beat for playability and comfort. I might even get back into using a poly/multi hybrid that I've been avoiding due to golfer's elbow with the Pure Drive and Speed MP.

I've gotten the itch to try other racquets out just to compare (Prince TT100P, Head Gravity Tour or Pro, Blade v7, TF40...) but to be honest I think I could just groove with this one without thinking about it too much