Pro Kennex q+ tour Pro 315

Does anyone tried this? Has it equal buttery feel like the 300 version or like I.prestige Mp?

I have an angel tc95 16-19 63ra that I love in everything but the buttery feel the 300 Pro keenex model has is super...

The 300 is to light and unstable, does anyone tried the new 315 model to compare?
Definately cut from the same cloth as the Q Tour 300 and 325 ( not 310) than any Head frame. It's far superior in the level of comfort it has than any Head frame currently available.
I’ll check the paint job when I get home :)
Definately cut from the same cloth as the Q Tour 300 and 325 ( not 310) than any Head frame. It's far superior in the level of comfort it has than any Head frame currently available.
Yeah I was referring particularly to the I.prestige mp, not today head frames...
I found it pretty similar to the q tour 300 in the way it resembles butter.
I'm glad the 315 is in the same hallway!
I'm sorry to say that I can't report on how it feels to play with quite yet but I'm right there with you as I'm very interested in how this racket stacks up to the 300 and 325-gram versions.

What confuses me is the swing weight on the 315 because it's virtually the same as the 300-gram version. In my opinion, the swingweights should have obvious differences in stability between each model. Like the 300-gram version feels light and whippy and easily customizable, the 315 should be around 325 swingweight so it's for more intermediate to advanced players and then the 325 gram should be around 330 at least to really pack on the stability and differentiate the lines.

My only worry for the 315 is that super open 16x19 string pattern. I tried the 300 version a while back and although the feel was good, the open pattern was tearing through the multifilament demo string and I can only imagine what it would do to the tension maintenance of the polys in my inventory. But I'll try to keep an open mind and my patience as well for those rattling beads in the upper hoop.

Just my 2 cents
Yeah it seems strange regarding the swingweight, every model has a 295 swingweight specification... Maybe it's due to the balance, I don't know.. Anyway my angel tc95 320g has a swingweight of 297 (without grip, strings etc) so it should be similar..
Tried it today after a stop of 10 days..
Tried with head reflex multi as I want to try to completely get rid of some minor tennis elbow (I have my angel tc95 63ra 16x19 320gr 310 balance strung with gut/poly).

It is really muted (the thing i love about iprestige) like the 300 version. It's buttery although I find it a bit crispier then the lighter version.

It is POWERFUL more or less like the Angell. Spin wise it's similar but can't compare adequately because of the different strings.

The pattern is more open on the horizontal, equal or little tighter on the vertical.

Stringbed is equal on inches except from the bottom of the head that is bigger on the Pro kennex near the throat (so 98vs95 only different in the bottom part).

I think it's a little less manuvreable then the Angell, but I have to test it again.

I don't know how multi change the feel at impact compared to a gut poly or full poly.
Any additional thoughts about this racket? It seems like a very decent frame but there is not adequate feedback, to get a clearer view...
Excellent racket and definitely a sleeper in today's market. Great feel and easy on the arm. Has good amount of pop and does every shot well. Came from the Pure Strike 16x19 which is a good racket but was starting to give me arm problems. Went to this frame and have not looked back. Has way better pocketing than the Pure Strike which gives me more confidence in taking bigger cuts as the ball. Using full bed of Hyper G 17 on this as well.