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This might be better in Pros Rackets and Gear... But it is about shoe durability so I'll put it here. If you watched the Tomic-Fed AO match RF was sliding all around... Now if that match had gone 5 (grueling) sets how much wear would be on his shoes, considering he was slipping and sliding on a freshly resurfaced, slow playing, hard court? Or are pink shoes invincible?


Probably they are starting to get a bit slick on the bottom and that is why he was slipping and sliding. He probably wears a new pair every match because he is roger federer and he can but for us people who have to pay money for shoes they're probably not worn out enough to change them out for us. :)


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I know this guy that likes for the soles to be worn down abit to enhance his sliding around on hard courts, cant really do it with new ones.

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New shoes for practice and uses those broken in shoes for matches, repeat? I also like shoes with worn down treads, I like living on the edge of injury :)


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I usually have 2 pairs which I rotate. When I buy a new pair, i retire the pair which is most worn out (tread or upper, i like my shoes to fit like gloves).

However, i don't slide on hardcourts, only on clay, but I'm 31 and want to keep playing for a couple of decades at least. Have already injured my ankle (running injury, not tennis or squash. Go figure).


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they showed teh bottom of David Ferrer's shoes during his current match against Nisihkori. They're pretty bald.


the pro's dont use new shoes for matches like I have read on here many times.

they wear them in during practice before they play matches with them...