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Discussion in 'Pros' Racquets and Gear' started by racquetfreak, May 25, 2010.

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    this is a subject that is being beat to death on the forum. in spite of that, i feel the need to get an integrated view.
    pro stock Head racquets are easily identified. other brands are not. for some high profile players, dunlop and yonex will include the player's name in the pj.
    my questions are: how do the pro stock frames differ from their retail analogs? ... and how does one differentiate/authenticate the pro stock versus retail? ... are some frames of pros simply retail frames selected for post-production customization by racquet techs such as priority one?
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    As with many such subject, the problem is your desire to combine the various brands into one set of characteristics. The different companies have very different product procedures for their sponsored players and very different (or sometimes no) pro room programs. For instance, Wilson has an extensive pro room program, and some of the details of the frames can be found by searching these threads. Meanwhile, Babolat essentially provides stock frames (albeit often ones that are out of production) for their pros, who then use after market customizers. So the means of differentiation, if it exists, varies from brand to brand. Also, in some cases they will be retail frames selected for customization, and in others they will be custom makeups. You need to ask a more specific question to get a more specific answer. Or you could start with a list, and ask people to chime in about the specific brands on it.

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