Pro Strining income


What does the average stringer stringing for ATP/WTA events get paid annually? I know there is at least one GS stringer on here, is the pay enough to live off of without working another job?


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I can't give you a figure range, but i do know that most GS stringers do have other jobs (shop owners, etc).


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yeah, it does not seem that any of them are rich from stringing. the figure is prob pretty low, but they don't mind because it is something that they enjoy doing. i can only imagine that there are some pretty cool perks like traveling the world and meeting some cool people. don't know if that is of any help, but just a thought!


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Unless you're single and have NO bills, you aren't going to make a living at it...unless you're a personal stringer to a top pro. And then you had better not have a family, because you won't see them much.


I would not think that you could only work as a pro stringer without working another job, unless that's something you REALLY want to do go for it!