Pro Supex Blue Gear -Guage question


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I have some "17g" I received in a trade. It feels like 16 guage that is 1.30 mm. So I am guessing it is pro supex's 1.28 guage. It is not as thin as 1.20mm volkl Cyclone that I am comparing it to.

Does anyone have Blue Gear 17g and can compare with other 17 guage string to verify? or Does pro supex make their 17g strings a little thicker?



Just emailed you a picture of the reel package. The 16g is def thicker believe it or not and stiffer. Blue Gear 17g is still only 1.25 mm, whereas the 16g is 1.28 mm. There is not a huge difference in actual size.
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Keep in mind with the gears shaped, it is impossible to get an accurate diameter. So it could be between 1.27-1.31mm.


I own a reel of the 17 and its size is more of a 16 considering the notches aren't taken into account IIRC. With that said, the notches are only there to aid in spin production, so the point is moot.


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Thanks for the confirmations. I am observing that:
Pro supex Blue gear - 17g is about 1.28. This comes from comparing Blue gear with, alu power 1.25, Signum pro poly pure 1.28, Black Magic 1.25, Cyclone 1.25 and 1.30, Gosen micro (white) 1.25 and silver string 1.20.

As a side note: Volkl cyclone has "truer" guages. Blue gear is equivalent to Cyclone 16g. So if you are looking for a "gear" string that has more accurate guaging, I would suggest going with cyclone. But of course pro supex blue gear comes in 18, 17 and 16 guages which I think are 17,16 and 15l. though i have not seen the 16 or 18 guages.

I have a set of Kirschbuam spiky shark 1.30 (gear shaped) and it looks like the guage is very true as well.

I hope this is helpful to others.

Thanks auzzieizm for the string. I am going to try them soon.