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Heard that on Busted Open. Liked Rusev more with long hair, wonder why he gets no run, push.
Hear a rumor Rusev showed up one day with the haircut, pissed Vince off.

Was watching an interview Corbin did with Van Vliet and Corbin said it took months for him get the approval to cut the hair. mentioned how toys are made and the molds are out there and merch being developed with a particular look in mind and cutting the hair changes all that and needs to go through proper channels.

It sorta made sense to me, and if Rusev did just show up like that one day I can see why they would be mad. Especially because he was close to the pinnacle. Then they announced the marriage to the world squashing the Ziggler/Lana angle before it got started and I can see why Vince would think this guy is only in business for himself. Hard to fault anyone for not wanting to work with Ziggler, nobody comes out of those for the better. But it'll take Rusev a while to gain the trust of management if ever, by then it'll be too late. Rusev has future AEW champ written all over him :)
I feel they should just announce a Mania match for the RAW tag belts. Vince can say he has a surprise team because the rest of the raw teams are lacking. He can say if the revival want a challenge he will give them one.

Bring out Unidusputed Era Oreilly and Strong to go at them. Those guys and Lorcan and Burch had one of the best tag matches I had ever seen and one of these takeovers a while back. no reason revival couldn't do the same. Although I'm not sure Dash or Dawson can do what Oney Lorcan does. The way he holds his index finger in the air is impressive.

O kid, I actually do think he is pretty good.