Probably a stupid question


When doing cleans/another lift where you can drop the barbell and you need bumper plates, do all the weights on the bar have to be bumper plates, or just the largest? Say I have two bumper plates on, could I use smaller plates, say 25/35 regular, iron plates, instead of more bumpers, since the regular plates won't hit the ground?

Sorry, I just don't want to spend too much money on bumper plates. Stingy, I know.


Is damaging the floor by using large weight with little surface area contacting the ground the largest issue, or is it the possibility of damaging the bumper plates when they hit the ground?

I'm thinking if it's the former I can just buy some rubber matting and plywood to protect the floor.


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You can always try it out with just the biggest as bumpers. If you dent the floor then who cares...but I think wherever you are lifting can stand the force. It's not like you'll be slamming 600lbs onto the ground or anything. I would not worry about the plates themselves.

The important thing is that you just START LIFTING and not worry about all of the details because you can lose a lot of potential strength building time that way.