problem serve - poor shoulder rotation.

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    Hi All, and thanks for letting me join.

    Background info first : I have an issue with my shoulder rotation. i can't get my arms directly over my head as the muscles simply wont allow it, I've been to a sports physio and have done a year of yoga to try and improve my over head reach, Its a little better but still short of average rotation. When my racket is the back scratch position the best angle i can get is 45 degrees sloping upwards from horizontial from shoulder to elbow.

    So the problem I have is that when I try a text book serve I cant throw my arm directly up but only up and forward which results in my racketcontacting the ball with a closed face.

    I have two options, 1) Is to open up my grip torward the top of the swing, 2) Is to rotate my wrist back, both of which result in a lack of depth control in my serve as my grip is not strong enough to properly control the racket face at serve speed.

    can anyone see a solution?

    is this really the problem or am I blaming poor technique on my shoulder?

    should i attempt to overly open my chest upwards to improve reach? when I try this I end up not being able to transfer my weight forward but sideways parallel to the baseline.

    Would really appriciate any help, as I've hit close to 5,ooo practice serves over the past three weeks and now becoming infuriated and don't want to go back previous powerless low slap serve.

    look forward to hearing your thought,
    thanks Jade x

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