Problem stringing client's string 'set'

Hi guys.

Yesterday, I strung a frame for a new client.

He brought a set of RPM Blast with him, but when I opened it, it was damaged.

So I put in Alu Power as a replacement.

He was happy +it's more expensive for a start.

But it made me wonder what you more experienced guys do if there is a problem with a 'set' supplied by the customer?

Cheers, Paul

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Tell them before starting. Or if I have a set I'd use mine and return the faulty one back to a supplier. I would swap it for a different string, even if its more expensive

Q - how was it damaged, ie describe the damage to it. Also, what is a proper set in a proper packet, and not something cut from a reel or bought off an auction site

I've seen RPM not be perfect off of a reel, but not a set.


Don't do anything. When clients provide the strings, I ask how was it stored, especially if it is a multi or NG. If I see scuff marks on MF/NG, I will stop and ask. Whether pack or off a reel, I will not warrant how long it will last with one exception. If off a reel, I will ask that they give me the reel and I will cut what I need. If they provide a set length, I will remeasure to ensure that it is enough. Any problems, ask before continuing. If they still say go ahead, I will try to do the best I can; BUT that may be my 1st and last string job for the client. [My repeat clients let me store their reels so they don't have to put up with my anxiety. I keep track of amount pulled, and will tell them when they need to reorder.:laughing: I KNOW I AM OCD ]

OP - I would ask what the client wants to do. Use the damaged string or buy a set from you. If I install the damaged string successfully, fine; but no warranty. If it breaks, they still have to pay for labor or buy a pack from you with installation cost.

jim e

I always let player know not my issues if string breaks while stringing or any time after, with their string, as I have no idea how it was kept.
One time I had player supply me with string, from bag in his car trunk, package was cracking apart, I said string is brittle and ? string. He said string it anyway later he commented how it broke on him early, later wanted me to string more from that horrible stash of old brittle string, I refused, and that ended that issue. A stringer has to know when to call it quits. I don't want to spend my time with worthless string, just to have player latter complain even though he was informed. It doesn't make me look good, as others can hear this and not know the situation. No matter how well string is kept, if player supplies it, no guarantees, and my labor fee is still there if his string breaks while stringing. it's my policy. Player takes the risk, and not put onto me.
You should never have the players issue be stringers problem.
I would never substitute another string or even my own if it was the same without consulting player.
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I always clean the frame with alcohol to see the frame has no cracks - If it has i refuse to string it before i have sent photo and confirm from customer. If they provide their own set of strings I would absolutely tell them about the damage before i proceed. I am also very sceptical if someone brings their own natural gut in an opened package. I always make clear before i start that i take no responsibility if the strings break during stringing as i have no control of the age of the strings

Steve Huff

Like Jim, I don't warrant any strings supplied by the customer. I can't control where he bought it, how he stored it, or how long he's had it.