Problems with Nike Air Vapor VI Tour

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So I have the black and red colorway and I believe the ink/color they use for the inside of the shoe is bleeding into my socks. It happens every time after i am done playing. My socks were originally white on the bottom and the side but they are turning black because the Nike Air Vapor. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing these problems? And if i could consult with Nike for a different pair?



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I had the Oreo vapors and there was a stain on the toe area of the shoes that appeared from no apparent reason. It wasn't dirt. I sent it back the other day and hopefully Nike will send me a voucher.

I've learned my lesson and will NEVER order Nike shoes again. I am sticking with the Barricades.


I bought a pair of the light blue VI's and looks like they're developing a mold streak. I'm gonna hold out a while and see if hey replace them with the VII's (which look alot better).

Adidas makes a better tennis shoe IMO. I think Nike has done alot to cut corners. Their shoes from the 90's were much better quality.


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I think it sucks that Roger wouldn't be caught dead wearing what we pay $115 to wear.

TW should not give people the impression that they're buying Nadals Ballistics or Rogers Vapors. Its sort of a nasty little lie.