problems with Swing Vision video playback


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I played a league match recently and my opponent recorded our match on Swing Vision. He sent me the link to it, and when I click on it it takes me to a video with stats and everything, but when I press play it refuses to load, I've tried it over and over again, and nothing works. Does anybody have any suggestions?
I don't have the app, just a web profile and I was on a laptop.


I've had this happen before to a video I personally recorded...I could never get it to play in the video player online. I ended up deleting it and reprocessing it. Obviously you can't do that since it's not your video, but I'd suggest reaching out to the owner and confirming with him that he can see it online. If he can't see it then it's likely the problem I described. If he can see it then maybe it's a browser issue or something on your end.