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    Although there is collegiate tennis at the universities that carry the PTM program, if you are unfamiliar with it here is the USPTA page

    what do you guys think of it? I was thinking of going to Ferris or Methodist University. I am from NJ and have worked for about 4 years at a tennis, ski, snowboard store, but i focus mainly on the tennis portion of it. I have loved the sport of tennis ever since i picked it up my freshmen year of HS. Although I never played for my high school team, I played my freshmen year of college for a non conference team in a college in NJ. In my opinion I am a high 4.0-low 4.5 in progress of transitioning to complete 4.5 player. I definitely wanna work in the tennis industry and was thinking if any one here had done the program and could provide any import or advice on it.
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    Advice I got from a coach at one of the programs listed, but not mentioned by you is, either play for the team, or do the PTM program. Not a requirement, just his suggestion. He said the palyers on the team learned most all the same thing as the students in the PTM without the classes. Some players do both, but most pick one or the other. Other coaches opinions may vary.

    I do know a few tennis professionals that went through the program at Tyler JC, 3 still work in the business, one does not. They all recommend it for those who what to teach or work in the tennis industry.
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    Ferris has an excellent PTM program. You are essentially getting a standard BS Business degree with a semesters worth (16 credits) of PTM classes scattered over the 4-years. It prepares you for the retail / marketing side of the industry and also gets you USPTA certified.

    If you want more info. on the program or Ferris in general, give me your email address (or turn it on in your profile).

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