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    Were B. Elliott et al the first to publish the biomechanical breakdown of the serve with regard to the relative contributions of internal shoulder rotation and other joint movements? In the early '90's?

    Elliott review article- Biomechanics and Tennis, 2006

    Other early researchers? Any tennis researchers from much earlier, etc?

    It would seem that the Eastern European researchers starting in the sixties would have identified IRS as important for throwing motions. ? IRS was associated with baseball pitching in a 1988 publication if not earlier (Elliott reference).
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    ^ Don't know about early studies of ISR. However, the earliest mention of pronation in badminton strokes that I've seen came from Dr James Poole in
    a paper from the 1960s. Poole was a world class badminton player from the US from the late 1940s thru the 1960s, I believe. He also played tennis and other sports at a high level.

    His paper on pronation may have been his PhD thesis in the 1960s. This was something of a radical notion since everyone else perceived badminton as a wristy sport. He claimed that the role of the wrist was grossly exaggerated and pronation actually played a more important role.

    This paper was written some 2 or 3 decades before tennis and badminton coaches started the acknowledge the role of forearm rotations in these sports. I recall seeing Poole's paper on the Internet more than a decade ago. Don't know if it is still accessible.
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    If you are referring to Jeff Salz's slice serve video here, if you watch closely, he first pronates normally, and then supinates way later...

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