Proper Bridging Technique


I do not like it when I get to the end of restringing a racquet and encounter the need to bridge to the tensioner. I keep logs on the racquets I restring so the next time I do a racquet I have enough to finish the job. However, there are times that one ends up short.

I usually reach into the box I use for discarded string and grab a piece of string that is rough and use 2 starting clamps back-to-back to bridge with one right-side up and the other upside down and make sure to seat the strings deep in the clamps. It never fails at least a couple of times the strings slip with clamps flying this way and that as I duck out of the way.

Aside from purchasing a hockey goalie mask to use when bridging is there something I should be doing differently?

I am also wondering about buying some floating clamps for this purpose and if that would be better.

Thanks for your help!