Pro's Pro Art of War 98

I'll begin by saying that I've already come across the other thread and read Hankenstein's impressions of it, but I'd like to hear some more opinions.

Because I'm still in search for new racquets, have an extremely tight budget (Tyger C10's too expensive for me, student money's impossible to save) and like obscure brands, I thought "Pro's Pro perhaps?". Somehow they manage to crank out frames with ridiculous prices so I immediately turned my interest to the Art of War 98. This looks a bit like a PT630 kind of thing and overall specs look nice and the price is ridiculous as well.

Has anyone more than the mighty Hank tried it?


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I didnt test the latest series but i was not satisfied with the older Pro's Pro rackets, cheaply made and poor quality, some felt real tinny and recreational. Just my two cents...
Since i posted this I bought 2 of them and I really like them! If you can swing it fast enough, power is ridiculous. It's not so much serving rather you aim bombs wherever in the service box you want to put it, and control on groundstrokes is great too. It can be rather demanding though and you need a fast swing to get the most out of it. Feel is good enough to hit delicate angles and drop volleys even with full poly (PHT, which is quite dead IMO). I say it should be tried, for that price it's unbelievable.


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I know this is old but a tt poster has peaked my interest in this anyone know the RA/ stiffness on this bad boy. I'm hoping for ridiculous flex:)


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Ah yes thank you . Now I see the light thank u for shedding it. That whole QC
Thing is a bear .
I remember once I hit with a copy fake of a Wilson k90 it hit like butter soft flex and head light . It was the best hitting Wilson I'd ever played in my life .
I ordered one for myself and it was 7 or 8 PTs head heavy .flex was great .
Then I tried it again with another seller same problem .. arghhh..
This reminds me of the QC issues others have had with the art of war .


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Best solution to the QC is to have a real person down in Linz to get/select you a racket.