Pros Pro, Comet or Pioneer?


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Hello forum!
Looking to purchase one of these in Europe (for Greece), their price from manufacturer is identical, either as manual machines or with electronic tensioner/feet etc.
How to choose?
What are their main differences?
From photos, both are 6-point and have 5 teeth clamps.

If it helps,
Pioneer says:
"Incl. 2 high quality holding clamps".

Comet says:
"Two universal clamps are included with the machine"
"Option to apply a brake to the turntable; useful for certain type of racquets."

Pioneer's clamps look better in photo, but I dont know.
Both must have fixed clamps, I suppose.

On one shop in UK, I can see the Comet has a little higher price than the Pioneer.

Anyone can enlighten us on their differences?

(Although I am thinking to get my first machine for personal use now, I wrote 3-4 different threads, not for spamming, but because I believe they will be more useful for future reference with separate title per matter)
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I had the same question when I wanted to purchase my machine so I asked Pro's Pro. And it turns out that the only difference is the tracks. The Comet has curved rails and the pioneer straight rails. Not sure if curved is "better" than straight though.

I do advise to add the professional clamps to your order. They are waaayyy better than the standard clamps. And don't buy their starting clamp but get a good one like the Babolat.

And their tools are fine to start with but be prepared to buy more expensive brands after a few months :)


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I prefer straight tracks to curved. But they work fine. It addes some room in the middle to maneuvre them, anyway. Use machine oil on the tracks and the clamp tubes to make them smoother.
The 'pro clamp/premium' upgrade I assume is the five finger clamps? They work MUCH better than the 3 finger ones. Mine hold 1.10 string at 60lbs without marking them.
A locking table is handly for Prince sticks, and for storage and transport and handling.
I also think the crank is a bit of an upgrade, too?


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I have the Pro’s Pro Pioneer works great. Stringing is so much easier with a crank and fixed clamps.