pros pro machine loosen, wobbling?



everything is very well screwed up i dont understand

can this damage the racket when i string? the wobbling its getting worse

ive untightened the 4 screws that hold the base of the machine, mounted everything up again, and is still wobbles the same way... :(

i know its the cheapest machine on market but i dont think this is a good thing to happen right?

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Doesn't look like it will damage the racket but the stringing machine yes. I would call the place where you bought it.

EDIT: Of course if if it is used he will say that's normal don't worry about it. LMAO


Wonder if a rod (shaft) broke.
If like mine, there is a big nut on the underside of the machine. Is that nut loose? Can you take that nut off and disassemble to check for broken parts?
That turning area is not very complicated. Should be an easy fix.