Pros @ the Ericsson 2009

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omg these nando pics are YUM!!!
i hope it's okay if I copy them into "my pictures"?

is he ripped or what? :shock:
they say a camera is not as good as the naked eye, so tell the truth: could you see any fat on nando's bod? :twisted:
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Frodo Baggins

ok My Cents..>Yess Verdasco Is Sure ripped especially in the upper arms:shock: Wow.. An Oscar Bout My man forgot to tell you>He read What you said bout him in those threads Where You say He Won't win To me His Gf Ivy;) Remember!!! Thats why he looks Teed.. Oscar While there.. DON"T teed off my Man!!! Or He'll GET Ya!!! ;) Nice Pics!!! Thats my Man!!! (Tommy).
Great pics,its funny we must of been next to eachother on the Verdasco ,Hewitt,Bagdattis pics I have the same pics in my camera.I missed Federer on Stadium court but saw Nadal play a practice set at the end of the day with Richard G. he lost the first 4 games and then ran off 6 straight.