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Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by mr_spaz104, May 29, 2006.

  1. mr_spaz104

    mr_spaz104 New User

    Sep 18, 2005
    there is a lot of debates b/w which is the best (closed, semi-open, open) bh

    however, in recent articles, they are saying that more and more ppl are using an open-stanced two-handed backhand to compensate for a little bit of the reach issue. i used to hit with a one-hander, but switched to a two-hander, because it was easier to maintain in a rally (i went from an aggressive all-arounder to a counterpuncher, because i had no big weapons and it works out great)

    are there any pros on the tour who use an open stanced bh?

    (i want to look at a few videos and see what techniques they use)

    thanks in advanced
  2. lucky leprechaun

    lucky leprechaun Semi-Pro

    Feb 28, 2006
    nadal and his patented open stance down the line pass....or cross court pass well i dont think it matters he'll pass you anyway which way he wants it.
  3. Othello

    Othello New User

    Apr 19, 2006
    Nadal hits open stance BHs a lot. Venus Williams hits almost exclusively open stance BHs.
    But almost all pros will hit open stance BHs (whether they are 1 hander or 2 hander) when they don't have enough time to set up closed or neutral stance.
    You should be able to hit your 2 hander (and 1 hander) with a closed, neutral or open stance.
  4. splink779

    splink779 Guest

    I agree. I don't think anyone hits an open stance unless they are pulled out wide. Coria is excellent at an open stance backahnd, so is Nadal. Well, a lot of clay guys are great at it because you can slide into it.

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