Pros with eastern FH grip

Ash Doyle

Who on the tour still plays with an eastern forehand grip? I'm watching the Bjorkman/Fish Davis Cup match now, and it appears that Bjorkman uses an Eastern FH grip. Does Enqvist? I'm rather certain that Henman uses an Eastern grip. Anyone know of others?


whoa Enqvist is most definitely not Eastern. Bjorkman appears more semi-western to me. In fact most of the Swedes in recent history favor more of a semi-western to western grip.

Other than Pete I can only think of Sanguinetti who has an obvious Eastern forehand.


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Anna Kournikova use a eastern forehand. When she worked with Harlod Soloman, he moved her gripe over a bit to be more safe.


Edberg and Johnny Mac were definitely continental. I am also sure Lendl was the SW side of Eastern. Sampras, Korda, Henman and Rios are recognised as Eastern, with Kafelnikov being the stronger side of Eastern as well.


Rios was eastern? Wow, but I guess that figures. I assumed western since he's south american, but I then thought it over and figured semi. But eastern really?