Prostaff 6.1 for $40?


I found a person on craigslist selling a prostaff 6.1 for $40. He says that it's in good condition with some scratches from use. I'm wondering if it would be a reasonable deal. I'm suddenly into heavy rackets with small head sizes, so I might as well give one a try. This old classic seems to have some appealing numbers, but I don't want to overspend on an old model.


Excellent deal, i got a friend who loves the PS85 and paid $200 for a new 1 and around $150-180 for used 1s in good condition.


6.1 for that much? Wow, it has to be a great deal, but I do suggest you ask the seller for pictures of possible cracks (if there is any). If there isn't, you should definitely buy it. I bought mines for $140~$150 a few months after it was released.


OK I have yet to measure the length of this racket, but it looks like it's 27.5 or 28 inches long. Since it has the old butt cap, would I still be able to take off the butt cap and slice it down by .5-1 in and then put the cap back on?

I'm not a fan of long rackets


looks like a good deal. craigslist is not bad for deals. bought my n code tour for 50 bucks strung and it was in great shape.


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it's an ok good condition they go for $70-90 on the auction site. This one looks pretty dinged up.

Having said that, it's a great racquet, and still enjoys a strong follwing among club and pro players.


just so everyone knows, I'm selling this
It's a prostaff 6.1 Stretch. I posted a thread in the trade/sale section

Using this racket, the serve was amazing. But groundstrokes were horrendous. I would hit out all the time and it's so hard to get into a rhythm due to its extended length. Or perhaps I was playing badly because it was 92 degrees out today with 90% humidity. I was sweating so much my eye lashes were dripping and I couldn't see very well.

I could try to adapt to it, but I'm sticking with 27 in rackets.

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I've used the regular 6.1 Classics for a long time and although I love them for serve and volley work or heavy doubles, I've found a lot more of a comfort zone at the baseline with other frames. The weight and balance of the ProStaff are nice for me, but more flex in a hefty, head-light package can be insane for my strokes.

My alternatives that have been fun include the Volkl C10, Prince NXG mid and midplus, Donnay Pro One mp (this one is borderline too light for me), and even my LM Prestige mids with lots of lead on the handles. Haven't tried any of the mids from Volkl or Boris Becker yet, but they look like they have plenty of potential.


Jessica you might like a Pure Storm Limited or a Pure Storm Tour.

You'll find a buyer for the Classic Stretch. If you can get ahold of a 6.1 classic standard you might like it but I'm not sure it is wise to fall in love with a discontinued racquet. I still have my 6.1 collection though and I don't think I would ever part with it. I dont play with them anymore but I like knowing I can.


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I just picked up a 6.1 off the auction site for £22 ($36) shipped, will post some pics soon but excellent condition (usual scratches/scrapes) plus it has a Fairway leather grip on it.

Don't know how much I'll use it but I couldn't resist it at that price.