prostaff classic si 6.1


I picked one of these up at the thrift store yesterday for 5 bucks in 9/10 condition. What is the difference in the prostaff classic 6.1 and the si version?


sorry, never heard of it. there are a few people around here who are quite knowledgeable when it comes to the PSC 6.1's... maybe they can help.

do you have any pictures? throw us a bone here :)
It is the same actualy. Only that the SI versions were made later and the non-SI ones were previous made. They are same specs and play the same. SI stands for SWING INDEX. Hope it helped.


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They're very similar. The one thing that makes a noticeable difference is the buttcap. The black ones are relatively newer and play stiffer. The older white ones are still stiff but you can feel the flex a little more.


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Earlier models are white buttcap, later ones are black buttcap. Difference is minimal but you can just about tell. This thread: has pictures and details of the differences.

I think the later black buttcap models featured the si designation

There was an 18 mains version at some point I think in 95 also for Europe only.

They also made stretch 95 head racquets and I think an oversize also but only in US if I remember correctly

There was also a "Steffi Graf" version in white with red and blue lines and trim that they made at some point, basically the same racquet I think as the white buttcap version with a different PJ

Edit: The White does indeed play a bit flexier and has more "feel" I found. The black feels denser and a bit more "plasticky". Hard to describe. Either way it's a minor difference

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