Protect your eyes!


Yesterday, my nephew nailed me into left eye, from less then 5m distance, full swing. Luckily, I had one piece polycarbonate sun glasses... Impact was such that glasses bruised my nose and cheek bone and my had "rang".
I can imagine without glasses... Brrr... Even the lense of the normal shades would be pushed out of the frame...


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my wife is an Optometrist. A few years ago she treated a local tennis coach who got hit in the eye.

The ball basically deformed into the eye socket and irreparably damaged his eye - leaving him blind in one eye. I got some safety specs but haven't worn them - I will after this timely reminder from BlueB


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A guy I used to play with also wound up with permanent eye damage as the result of being nailed in a doubles match. I bought clear eye protection for those days when I don't wear shades but haven't used them since immediately after the incident. The best intentions...


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I have prescription sports glasses with photochromic safety lenses and I almost never wear them. They correct for a mild astigmatism, but I can play as well without them, and they fog up. I'd definitely wear them if I were playing racquetball.