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They pay it, from his own pocket. Both the flight and the hotel. If that's money from the sponsors, better for them. But usually they pay for their expenses. That's probably why they make good prize money, cause they have so many expenses.



I know alot of the lower ranked ITF players will sometimes be taken in by a family or someone in the city of the tournament....It saves money...kinda like a rock band on a low budget tour...


According to the ATP Rulebook, Tournaments are responsible for hotel rooms for the main draw players. Slams pay per diem and let the players arrange their own rooms. Players take care of their airfare (and having arranged flights for a few players in the past, I can tell you they lose a LOT of money because they have to make last minute arrangements so often).

Challengers and Futures are not required to provide housing unless its a "$50 + H" tournament, but most of those tournaments try to get housing for the players in the homes of volunteers and whatnot because they know it makes it much easier on the players who are dirt poor at that level.


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I think you can only make a "decent" living at top 100, at least from what i've read. BUT, you get to travel the world! And I'd trade "decent" living to experience the whole world!


'Fee' explained it just like it is. Also, for those players who are not main draw, and journey around on their own, (no coach, etc) the AVERAGE cost for expenses is around $100,000 a year. The M/D players, do have higher expenses if traveling with wives, coaches, etc but they get more 'benefits' along the way.

Both player councils (ATP & WTA) have long been trying to get the associations to work a deal with the airlines (like the PGA has) but so far, nothing - players buy open-end tickets since they don't know when they need to leave, and those are not cheap - sure, they 'rack-up' a ton of FF miles, and use those when they can - not an easy thing to do these days with all the restrictions.

All in is on average, a career that ends when you hit 30.

Like they say...the rich get richer and the poor keep trying.