Proton Pre-Order Challenges

Ok so I am now attempting to order for the third time via the Proton website. I got dinged because I didnt do it right last time as the site is extremely unclear about the pre-order deposit and you can reach the full order site as it is not hidden. First round I missed just too late. Last round apparently I didnt get my deposit submitted right. Now this round I go to the site to try the deposit again as today is the day to place your deposit for pre-order and there is no link! Customer service isnt the most friendly and lacks timely response. This process is frustrating and I am getting tired of trying. Am I doing something wrong here? Cant get info out of proton either! If I miss another attempt this is my last. This does not instill confidence. Its a great machine but they need to get better at customer service. Yes I know its a new company but still! The process is not desirable at all!


I was lucky and I sent them an email literally minutes before they released the May preorders. They were responsive to my email I think within the hour or so.
When you put in the order make sure you get a confirmation email afterwards or else likely you did it wrong. For me so far been smooth. No issues with machine nor the ordering process.


I've had nothing but good CS.. anytime i have an issue.. Jonah is quick to reply.. majority of the time same day.


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The ordering process is cumbersome, but it worked without problems for me. You just need to make sure that the confirmation emails they send are not ending up in a spam filter. While there is no phone number, they responded to my emails within a day. The machine and phone app have lived up to my expectations.

If the process is too annoying for you then perhaps a different manufacturer would be a better choice. Because I think Hydrogen's 'slow-growth' approach means it's going to be more of a start-up experience for quite a while.
I like the "slow-growth" approach currently, cause it means you get more personalized CS (quick responses & solutions), and you feel confident that HS's goal is to be around and stable for many years, instead of scaling too quickly. Sure, the trade off is longer production wait times and higher costs, but I think in this situation, it's lending itself to be a more reliable product and reliable company.