PS 6.0 95 Weighting

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by activentures, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. activentures

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    Apr 6, 2004
    Having been a 85 user for many years, and then finding them to unforgiving, I looked for a new racket. Tried many but couldn't find that lovely feel. Settled on the PS 6.0 95 after advice from this message board. They arrived this morning! :D

    The head seems huge, but I guess I'll get used to that, and I was surprised that the frame is slightly less boxy. Overall, can't weight to string them and get out there tonight.

    However, they are lighter than the 85's, and as I want to replicate the 85 feel as much as possible, I wanted some ideas for adding weight. In the past I have just used it at 3 and 9, so want to hear from any users of this racket about where to add weight? throat? handle?
  2. Have you thought of demoing the nCode 90? According to the recent posts here, it sounds pretty close to the 6.0 85. Let us know what you think of the 6.0 95. I thought that the 6.0 95 had a ton of bite, of which you could take full advantage not only since the racket is so easy to get around, but the head size is that much bigger as you've noticed. But it is on the light side and quite head-light..not as stable. I added around 3g total at the sides of mine to help a little. Oh yeah, mine was the Hyper version, which was a bit stiffer and more stable than the normal one. Otherwise, I'd probably add more like at least 6g total at the sides. I started off playing it stock, which I do on any racket for at least a short while..
  3. jings

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    Feb 19, 2004
    msdill, I was a long time user of 6.0 95s and still carry one in the bag "just in case". Tried lead all over the place with this frame, coming all the way back to stock at one point to get the original balance and feel. In the end for me (strongish serve, 40% s&v, s/h both wings) I found a little in the head and as low as I could get in the Y was best. Added just enough oomph that the frame can lack without seeming to throw the balance way out of whack. In the head try 1/4" wide strips of 2-3" length at 2+4 and 10+8 o'clock and 1/2" inch wide strips of 2-3" as low in the Y of the throat as you can get them. I'm 2" strips in the head and 3" in the throat. Lastly, gut or gut hybrid for a bit more power, as I find this frame needs that little bit of help. Good luck.

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