PS 85: a question for paint experts

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There is enough said about St Vincent-made PS 85. I love everything about it including the paint job. Lately I've been getting a few more Taiwan-made frames and I noticed that most of them have much different quality of paint.

Most of the St Vincent-made frames have very solid and smooth paint coat that can withstand lots of abuse (especially scratches). On another hand, Taiwan-made PS85, though very similar playing frame, has a terrible quality of paint. I did come across a few good ones but most of them have a paint coat very susceptible to flaking and paint chips.

Please share your experiences. Any paint experts here? Thanks.


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I find the paint on the new TW re-issues to be very durable. I still don't think I have even one paint chip yet, while the PS 6.0 95's I bought years ago would chip very easily on the hoop.

BTW, I believe the Taiwan versions had glossier paintjobs while the other versions (St. Vin, Chicago, China, etc.) all had more matte paintjobs. So, yes, it would appear that a different paint or paint process was used in Taiwan.


Tennis Man - it depends on which Taiwanese frames you're talking about. If they're the early ones, the "paint" of the graphics easily comes off. The pinstriping and the lettering before the main black which has the glossier feel. It seems to sit on top. The later ones (the ones with the SynGut recommendation) are more durable but the color of the red and yellow stripes is more muted.

Personally, I wouldn't pass up an early Taiwanese frame only because the graphics are flaking off. The frame itself should be pretty good.... barring damage.