PS 95, BLX 6.1 95, K-Factor 95!


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Hey all I am getting rid of some frames all in 4 1/2.

1. Wilson BLX Pro Staff 6.1 95 ($90): Strung with Black Code/PSGD at 50/52 this racquet is a 7/10. A little bit of wear on the bumper guard and some nicks from regular play. Has a newly installed Babolat leather grip.

2. Wilson BLX 6.1 95 ($70): Strung with Gamma TNT at 56. This frame is a 7.5 out of 10. Just a little wear on the bumper guard.

3. Wilson K-Factor 95 ($50): This racquet is unstrung with no replacement grip on it. It's got some wear and tear on the frame from use. I'd say it's a 5/10, but when I did hit with it, it still played great!

contact me at lilspoony @ gmail dot com for pics and offers