PS85 vs KPS88


So as someone who uses a KPS88 and am just curious about buying a PS85 out of sheer curiosity, can someone who has used both tell me how the two compare? Thanks.


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Used both extensively. KPS88 hit a heavier ball due to its more open string pattern, larger head size and heavier weight. However the PS85 is a lot easier to use. I don't own either anymore but if i had to use one full time i'd probably go back to the PS85. Just easier to use all-around.


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I won't use the kps88 as a main stick but boy it is fun and what a work out after a session. Heavy lifting on ground strokes but late hit is a prob when I start to get tired.

The ps 6.0 may not be great on returns because of the smaller sweet spot. It takes time to master.