PS97 Customize to RF97


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TW has an online tool that can help. Input the specs for the PS as ‘what you have’ and then input the numbers of the RF as ‘what you want’. It will tell you where to add weight.

“Racquet Customization Tool”


I did it with the original black and red ones. I think there was about 8g at 10 and 2 and about 12 in the handle with a leather grip. Sorry I don't remember the exact numbers as I did it a while ago. I used a lot of bluetac in the butt so it was a but more HL than the regular rf97. End result was a very solid stick, by swinging, it felt pretty close to the RF, but when I hit with it, you can tell that the racket was more flexible and you lost the crispness of the rf97. So like a bit mushier rf97.