PS97 Solinco Hyper-G and NRG2 Advice


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Hi All,

First post. Hope I'm in the right area...
I have a pack of Hyper G and NRG2 and want to put them together, possibly hyper g as mains and nrg2 as crosses... Any advice on stringing tension?
I am using a PS97 and previously used hyper g around 53 and liked it, but didn't have as much power as I am used to.

Am I better off just not hybriding these? In terms of durability I have seen posts saying that because of Hyper g's shape it will cut through multi pretty quick.
Will I get more out of just stringing just the hyper g or nrg2 as full beds?
Any thoughts on good polys/co-polys with a smooth shape that I can hybrid with a multifilament?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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When I first tried Hyper-G it was with in a hybrid with multi:

Solinco Hyper G 1.05mm Mains @ 50lbs
Volkl Power Fiber II 1.30mm Crosses @ 55lbs

It played good enough that I'd be willing to consider using it again, although I wouldn't say it felt particularly powerful; didn't have any issues vs. stronger players that could hit with some pace, but against some of the weaker ones, it felt a bit underpowered.

Don't really remember where to start with Durability, seemed to be a bit quicker that I normally see (~1 month when hitting 2-3 times a week), but it definitely went dead way sooner than that. I got super fed up one evening with how erratic I felt the balls were coming off the stringbed and could immediately feel the difference when I switched to my backup racket that was strung together at the same time.

However in the grand scheme of things, I'd personally prefer Volkl V-Square (in the hybrid) since I felt it played similar to Hyper-G and kept its playability for longer; that only comes in 1.20mm as its thinnest gauge however, so that could definitely have been a factor.

As for smooth polys, I'm currently trying out Head Hawk Touch in the hybrid, but at 50lbs M/X's... I need to bump the tension up a bit, but it seems to feel pretty good; also have some Lynx Tour coming that's supposedly somewhat Hyper-G like, so I hope that'll play well too.


The two strings are like oil-and-water. Poly main/multi cross will not be good as the multi will shred and lock up the poly. Multi main/poly cross will see the poly shaped cross destroy the multi mains in quick order. Mains will also stay out of position.

If you want to have poly mains, hybrid it with a slick tough SG. The poly will flatten out the SG, but at least will not lock up. POSG or equivalent would be a good option for SG. If you want multi mains, you can use full bed or use slick multi crosses or, again, SG. An SG like Bab SpiralTek would work in this situation. If you insist on co-poly/poly crosses, get something like Kirschbaum Pro Line II for its tension maintenance. 3¢


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Thanks @Return_Ace @esgee48 for your opinion. Since I already have the strings I'll probably test these two as a hybrid and see how long they last and how they feel.
After these are used up for a more durable and cheaper option I'll try testing out hybriding something like Lynx Tour Mains with Prince Duraflex or Original SG crosses.
To be honest I never considered poly/SG and only saw threads about how poly/main hybrids, but it sounds like a good an option to me.


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Best poly/multi hybrid tension for me in the PS97 was to just string at 54/54 with Alu Power/ Sensation. Tried everything from 44/48 to 54/58.
PS97 played best for me with full poly at 54. (BHS7T or Alu Power)


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Thanks! Yeah I just bought a second for pretty cheap I'll try one with Cyclone/Sensation and other with Cyclone/POSG 53/53 to compare... Then I'll have some left over to try sensation/POSG to see how I feel about multi mains