PS97 v13 String Recommendations


Title says it all. Just switched to this stick and struggling to find the right string combo to unlock some controllable power. Usually play full poly. Any string suggestions?


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If it is too powerful, try higher tension with your favorite poly, go to a thicker gauge or try a stiffer poly. When all else fails, try ALU Power (stiff and lasts 6-8 hours) or HyperG Soft (soft and lasts longer).

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I had a PS97 and am playing RF97. I have Alu Power 17 cross and Prince Lightning Pro 16 (syn gut) mains. It's very controllable and low powered when I need it to be, but springs to life when I swing out. I'm at 60/57 tension. The Lightning Pro has really good tension maintenance and stays slippery after it notches, so performance is lasting much better than FB Alu power.