PSA: If you play on clay, get clay sole shoes.


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I play on red clay pretty regularly (and sometimes green too) but I've never had a pair of tennis shoes with a clay sole. I've always just played with a pair of my older hard court shoes, which I usually have a few pairs of buried in a closet somewhere.

I don't know why, but I've always just assumed that clay soles would make little or maybe even no real difference.

I just picked up a pair of Adidas ubersonic 4 clay shoes and I barely have words to describe how wrong my previous assumption was. Clay soles on clay are a night and day difference. Where I've gotten used to slipping and sliding all over the place, these new shoes stuck to the clay literally like my hard court shoes on a hard court. I was completely shocked at how well I could start, stop, and change direction. It literally felt like being on a hard court (instead of what usually feels a bit like trying to move on ice).

This is the first pair of clay shoes I've ever worn, so I can't say how much my experience is clay soles in general vs. these ubersonic 4's in particular, but my guess is that probably all the manufacturers clay sole versions are likely way better than wearing hard court shoes on clay.

If you play on clay more than once in a great while, get a pair of clay sole shoes. You're welcome.


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I appreciate the share OP. I’ve played on clay a handful of times through the USTA season and never made the shoe jump. Wearing some old Solution Speeds that I’ve basically deemed my clay shoes. I’ll take a look once my season starts back up. Thanks!
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