PST (non GT) rattling/vibration in top of hoop


Anytime I hit a shot high in the string bed on my PST I get a rattling vibration. This was a replacement for another stick I had sent back to Babolat in 2009 that I played one match with in 2012. I had to have shoulder surgery shortly after and am just now coming back to tennis. Is this common for this stick? It was stored for those years in my closet so it isn't heat damage or anything like that. If so I'm a little disappointed in Babolat quality


Had the same stuff while demoing a Pure Storm Ltd. GT [+] (2011 cosmetics). Racquet head was shaking, even in the sweetspot with a vib' dampener. Too bad since it's a sweet stick. Given what you wrote, I'm not sure if I actually want to try a PST[+] now. Wonder if some lead tape can take care of this.
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