Pulsing muscle pain shoulder to elbow

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    Hello all,
    Ive posted here before say maybe 4 month ago. I had the same problem then. A change of strings and tension seemed to be the most offered solution on here so I took heed.
    to recap. I returned to tennis after 20 years recently. As a junior i had a high national ranking but aged 16 packed it in in favour of women booze and various other concoctions. REturned to the game for a short period aged 26, played for 2 years then packed it in again. Im 46 now and for the last 8 to 10 months ive been playing 3 times a week at least, making excellent progress. Frankly, im loving it, feels like im 16 again. Im in excellent shape physically and loving the progress im making on court. Next year I hope to play some national veteran competitions all going well.
    On my return to the game at 46 a good mate recommended to me luxillon big banger. I took his advice and strung my new rackets with this. I play a prestige mid plus. Almost immediately I noticed as anyone who hasnt played for years will notice the strains on certain parts of my body, a lot of these strains have corrected themselves and ive worked hard on maintaining good physical condition. However, on impact with a ball my arm, from shoulder to elbow suffers a pulsing pain. this occured a month or so after coming back to the game. I took advice on this forum and got a restring on all rackets and a tension reduction. I now string multifilament with atenson ranging from 48 to 52 depending on which racket i use. Initially this seemed a far more comfy set up for me. Though the pain has never gone away it had abated somewhat. I played three times in the last week and the pain seems as bad as ever again now. So much so that I pop a painkiller before taking to the court. Have done this the last two times ive played. Though im fearful that while the painkiller gives relief and masks the problem well, in the long run I may in fact be doing more damage.
    I would appreciate any thoughts on this. I had a bad motorcycle accident 6 years ago. Im priviledged to be breathing air let alone banging a tennis ball, and ive found tennis great in getting my body back to proper fitness levels. I had a bad back as a result of the accident and tennis has improved it greatly. My muscles had disentigrated in the recovery from the motorcycle accident i was bed ridden for quite a while and my back muscles degenerated.
    Right now im good to go in every way possible but this pulsing pain in my arm is a problem. I should also say that i checked witht he medics and they say it has nothinig to do with the motorcycle accident.
    Has anyone had a similar pain?
    Any possible solutions?
    Should I take a break for a while?

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