Pure Aero 2023 extended?


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It was supposed to come in 2023 as per some of the original information. Not sure if anything has change since then.


I really enjoy the PA 23, BUT I am sure I will love the PA 23 Plus even more! That has been the case re Babolat APD and APD+ for me.
I really like the stability and it usually gives me a more room for my 2HBH.
I'll be waiting for this one !!


What's the swing weight ? Strung ?
The frames came to me without basic grip tape and of course virgin unstrung.
For this reason, I have not taken any measurements. The customer makes all other adjustments himself.
Have only made the handles to 4 5/8 or L5. :sneaky:


Anybody playing with the PA plus 2023? Impressions?
One of my friends is attempting to move from his 2016 PA+ to the 2023 PA+. So far, he’s feeling like McKayla Maroney…

…not impressed.

Personally, from my side of the court, he’s hitting solid from the ground. Lots of pace, good spin. But he says it feels a little sluggish at the net, and doubles is his forte (won 40+ 4.5 Nationals in 2021, got the 5.0 bump). Maybe he needs more time with it. I compared it to his 2016, and matched weight/balance/SW (I have a BRIFFIDI), but he still doesn’t trust it.


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