Pure aero + stringing question??


About to string up this racket for the first time and I was reading in the stringers digest that when you do 2 piece stringing you should use a starting knot. I have never needed to use a starting knot when I'm doing two piece stringing so I'm a little confused by this. Does anyone else have experienced stringing the new pure Aero line.? I have not tried it yet so maybe I'm reading more into it than normal. But I'm used to just 2 tie offs for the mains and 2 tie offs for the crosses.

Please help.


Just do your mains normally and tie off. Put a starting knot in 5H and weave the 1st cross in 7H. Tension and clamp. The starting knot will cinch up as you apply tension. I personally don't bother with this as I do the 1st 3 crosses, then go back and put a finishing knot (DHH, Pro knot, etc) on the 1st cross in 5H.


I use a starting clamp and go back and use a parnell knot. But I think you're overthinking it a bit. All it is saying is that the knot that starts the cross strings on a pure aero has to be at the circled and starred grommet regardless if you're using a starting knot or finishing knot with a starting clamp. If you start on the opposite side, the strings will go between rather than in the aero string channels on the sides of the racquet. The racquet will play either way, but it'll look a little silly.