Pure Aero Tour vs. Yonex DR98


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Hello TT,

anyone has experience with both? How do they behave in real match-play and what are main differences/similarities in match-play circumstances?

Obviously, power/spin should be better with PAT and touch/feel/precision should be better with DR98 but I'm more curious about the overall experience/playability.


I demoed both sometime back with few other racquets like Graphene Prestige Pro, Textreme Tour 100P/95; all are good racquets. As you have mentioned, overall power/spin are better with PAT and control/touch with DR98. Eventually bought a DR98 because of the comfort, but not too happy with the second string job. Currently in another demo cycle and PAT is very tempting!

Matchplay experience: PAT makes winning points easy for me; can change defense into offence; able to win some points even on the off days; the spin and power are amazing. DR98 is more precise, muted and arm friendly. Because of that, faster RHS and full swing are needed to get the same pace with DR98 compared to PAT. And these characteristics alter the game style itself. Both are excellent, but if my goal is to just win, would go with PAT; to play properly with correct swing/footwork, game improvement, would go for DR98.

Btw, overall, nothing has beaten my IG Prestige Mids yet; but not getting any younger and wielding a 12.8 oz, mid size unforgiving racket requires one to be fully fit and on all the times!

roger presley

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DR98 is doing everything fine but not a thing that is exceptional,PAT has got some things that are( spin,power plow and stability) IMO.


If you bring Yonex to the same specs as PAT, plow and stability will be similar. Power and spin will ALWAYS go to PAT though, just like feel and comfort will go to Yonex. If one can handle PAT (health wise), by all means go for it, especially if you're all about winning ;). This stick realy helps.


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You might mishit more often initially with DR. But, in a tight match you'll feel more confident with it and less likely to hit long. If you have good timing on your groundstrokes and serve, DR is the better choice. Volleys are a push. If you're all about spin, PAT is for you.


Thanks caprivi. I demoed both. Can echo all previous posts and my gut is what you posted. I wanna try poly in a DR 98 and see what happens.


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Thanks a lot, gentlemen. Very good contribution.

The more I read about the DR98 the more it resembles my Fischer VT98Pro. Good to know there are other very similar racquets available. That being said, PAT certainly has my attention.